Endlessly In Motion

by Moth

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released January 11, 2013

Written by Moth
Produced by Moth and Shane Howard
Recorded and edited by Shane Howard
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio



all rights reserved


Moth Denver, Colorado

After establishing tracks released back in 2011,the main path Moth will step down is their full length release "Endlessly In Motion". The band's 8 song debut album is a large step beyond any production the group had previously taken. Aggressive vocal lines meet with heavy yet melodic guitar accompanied by solid drumming and added texture in synthesizer . ... more

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Track Name: The Structure
Once seen as a brilliant light, crucified and come to life becoming.
Embrace the end, the king has shed his will on me.
So this is your display of what it means to embrace God?
Need only reasons, reasons to see me.
At a glance they decide to accept or deny association.
With a life viewed as insignificant, completely losing all connection.
Structured to separate, designed to distribute hate.
Emptiness, living lie.
Resistance will bring you plague, segregation our philosophy.
Structured to separate.
The signs our times.
Track Name: Dissolved
Exist behind the faces changing constant
I become someone else
Construct the shades, accommodate this existence.
I become someone else
I am, I will
Become the void that's left to live eternally
We must forget any pieces, anything remaining our identity
Dissolved in this shifting face, I stray from what makes me human.
Constrained by distant pain.Making the void my plain, hidden.
Can I life my life behind a mask like this?
Despising every reason that I must hide who I am
Who I am, what we are, what we become, dissolved in our own facade.
I stray from what makes me human.
Track Name: Vision
A shared vision of something falling a failing place.
How strange this is our choice of paths to take.
We ask for the end
We line our minds to bring destruction from the depths inside.
What caused the shift for us all? A loss in sight.
Growing weaker.
What is this common wish to become no more? Why is a lack of life the cause that we strive for?
To see us die, ending this lie.
See our justified fixation, seeking a failed life.
Destruction will erase the past.
Is this what is needed? Creating connection. Sharing a vision of one thing, collective destruction.
Be the unified projection we've been seeking. Will this be the last embrace we share?
Take the unified injection we're receiving. Will this be the last embrace we share?
Find a way to reunite in infliction, find a way.
Will this be the last embrace we share?
Track Name: Reverse
Hard to see what this disconnect is affecting. Become dependant on technology instead of a being.
Reverse what we've been building for, destroy any progress, we'll turn ourselves into machines.
Hard to realize the depth and low that we're reaching. Erase the steps to evolve into something with meaning.
Reverse our evolution cycle, declining minds prevail to shun the will of expanding insight. Grow no longer. The light has died, in this form we can't survive.
We reverse design through time.
We reverse the flow of life.
Track Name: Vast Expansion
Vast expansion, concept in massive size, far beyond our physical grasp.
There is a gift inside these eyes, there is only death in life.

Attempted understanding, a world gone mad.
Poison the roots then watch the forest fall.
Ignore surrounding disbelief, you are the demon you seek.

No, we'll never understand this intricate system, its far beyond this human grasp. We turn our fears into violence. Through all these years have we learned nothing? We can't look back.

Seeking something so much larger than me.
Seeking something I'm not supposed to see.

No, we'll never understand this vast expansion in our current form.
I must learn to accept what I can not control.
Track Name: The Dark Sea
We share the same blood came from the same source
Forgetting the ones that we love we will lose what made us close
In this dark sea where lost and wandering souls roam
Inviting the ones that we hate, to tear open the wounds and burn.
Kill your son or your father, destroying our brothers lives.
We've agreed to this point, how can we be torn apart?
I , I regret that our eyes can not see the same way.
I regret that our eyes can not see the same things.
Killing our brother inherently in our nature. Destroy the ones who love us, we'll find our solitude when we release this anger.
Track Name: Drifting
Feel confusion take hold.
Nothing solid, stable.
I am one, can not control the mass misguided souls.
Every time I've found my own the changes shift what I know.
Drifting, will I find my home?
Track Name: Endlessly In Motion
Can we rise to assemble ourselves, searching intent to recover and sense of what we have built.
Can we process our intellectual, to re-become, to have the process undone.
Without the dedicated intent, the inner core will sacrifice, disintegrate.
Endlessly in motion the failing system takes us if our center is erased we look inside.
To gather self, regenerate, recover sense.
Can we rise to assemble ourselves.
Utilizing anger and hate we live in vein.
Can we rise to assemble ourselves.
Realign with our intent, or will we continue this hell?
Dig deep inside, We are all one, can we still rise?